Again, the binary option hedge fund developers tell us that the signals are provided by prominent economists, binary option brokers finance experts and successful investors. To my calculations on the front page of their results they have 18 wins and 31 losses. If you click on signals at the top of the page you can see a trading record of their past history. I like that the developers are showing us how their product is performing but with this track record it would be nearly impossible to grow an account. While I do appreciate the transparency here, the results are not very impressive at all. They keep pushing this concept but there’s no real proof.

💡 Considering alternatives? If you’re looking for something a bit more cost efficient, stock trading might be the way to go. Take a look at our report on the leading online stock brokers to get started.

In this update I have added the option to be able select which Price Action candles you want included in the display and the generated alarm Alert. Requested Update to this Indicator alert project. Other changes also included in this update: Also added a Price Action candle for «Last Fractal S/R Break», this also a good continuation indication.

I’ll revisit this website in 6 months and see if their analysts are getting any better at predicting the market, maybe they just need more practice. 18 wins and 31 losses is not a track record worth trusting. Thanks for spending time here at binary today and I hope that this review provides you with the clarity you were looking for. I won’t be recommending the binary hedge fund software to the readers at binary today. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your thoughts and comments below the article. I feel that this team has promise of providing a good software but they are far from it at this point.

I absolutely recommend the Forex market for novice traders: Firstly, you can trade currencies all day long 24 hours straight. And last but not least, thirdly, the Forex market looks quite complicated but in fact it is very simple. You have to watch only a few currency pairs and don’t get confused from 100s of investment possibilities like in the stock market for example. You are free to choose if you want to trade in the morning, in the afternoon or in the night. Secondly, when trading Forex you are trading on margin and can take advantage of levarge.

And finally, no, we don’t try to attract customers with this message!! On May, after 6 month of Autotrading launch and with amazing results, the number of customers increased and we needed to limit our slots to be under the broker’s «radar» and to ensure correct functionality of Autotrader platforms (we had to upgrade our servers for two times). First we started with yearly slots, and we announce that on Sept-Octb we’ll close also monthly slots (continuing only with Signals Service subscription for manual trading), but after some bad results the increase of users stopped and we’re waiting again for good results to include a counter on the website to finally close the number of slots.

The results are on the account, LOSSES AND WINS! About REAL results, as we also explain on the website, you can follow our FULLY VERIFIED myfxbook account using our Expert Advisor for MT4 ( with same signals that you can see on the website. Of course, with important losses on last weeks, as you can see… because we NEVER fool anyone!! And of course we will not always be able to win, but luckily we still have a lot of users who understand this and are happy to pay our service because they know that binary trading is one of the most risky products and our long-term performance is amazing.

If we take a step back and look at the bigger picture when it comes to the market as a whole, it becomes clear that options play an important role in the proper functioning and what is a binary option health of the market. Don’t take our word for it – the Journal of Finance’s research has shown that options contribute to reduced spreads, increased trading volume, trading frequency, and average transaction size for the assets that they’re covering.

We’re simply trying to help people making money (and of course users who started last year make several profits) but now it isn’t our best moment. It’s a difficult industry and after some losses everyone accuses us from SCAM or similar without verifying any signal or checking our myfxbook account. We're happy with our long-term results, as we always explained, also with these bad weeks is more than other binary trading service can offer.

Similarly, the trade will earn a profit if the spot price for the underlying asset is less than the strike price. When it comes to call options, it is said the trader is «in the money» if the underlying asset costs more than the strike price. This is the price the option holder can buy or sell the underlying asset, should they exercise their right to.